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Cory Howell

How Many Books Are There in the World?

I've never considered this, but this article from Mashable makes me wonder: how many books have been written? I agree with the author of the article...the number Google came up with seems low to me.

Do We Actually Know What Shakespeare Looked Like? Mental Floss

Happy Chinese New Year!

My Lucy is super jazzed about Chinese New Year this year! She made a "Happy Chinese New Year" sign, and put it on the front door. So she was very happy to see the Google Doodle above. Happy Year of the Pig!

Shakespeare Allowed!

Once a month, on the first Saturday of every month, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival hosts Shakespeare Allowed! at the Main Branch of the Nashville Public Library. We read the plays in the order in which they were written (according to scholars' best...

Studio C/JK! Studios

Several years ago, I stumbled on a sketch comedy show from byuTV (the broadcasting arm of Brigham Young University) called Studio C. Over the past couple years, the show has become a favorite in our family. This video is just a small example of the hil...

Hamlet Wordle

A long time ago, when my 12 year old daughter was about 4 years old, we used to love to create word clouds on Now, the problem is, that Java-based site doesn't work well on most browsers. (And who wants to use Internet Explorer? Not I.) Bu...

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP): A Rookie Anglican Guide - Anglican Pastor

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP): A Rookie Anglican Guide You can’t be curious about Anglicanism for very long without running into the Book of Common Prayer—commonly abbreviated as the "BCP" or referred to as the "Prayer Book." Common Pr...

Online classical music made easy

I don't always listen to classical music. Much of the time, I prefer rock. But every once in awhile, I like to relax with something that isn't quite as loud. I could listen to the local classical radio station, of course. WPLN Classical is pretty good...